Kirtan Chanting

with Vajrini Buoagurpo

with Vajrini Buoagurpo

with Vajrini Buoagurpo

Date: 08/02/2020
Time: 12:15pm - 1:15pm

Please join us for a session of Uplifting Chanting on August 2 following Marla’s Workshop.

Kirtan chanting is the yoga of bhakti. The ancient practice of rhythmic repetition of Sanskrit texts, poems, sacred mantras, prayers, or repetition of the names of the divine is said to bring us closer to a state of purified consciousness. Chanting, and/or using the voice to intone, creates a vibration and an energy in the body and in the room that is said to be healing and uplifting to the body and mind. Chanting is singing from the heart and it is not necessary to have a ‘good voice,’ to be musical or to perform.

Gia Vajrini Buonaguro, MFT, has been on a devotional path for over 30 years. She incorporates her understanding of Vedic Wisdom into her music and all that she does.

As part of IYILA’s commitment to support our community we are offering this workshop Free. Donations are gratefully accepted.


Online registration is closed. Please contact the business for details.
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