Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


This class is designed for people who prefer a slower paced class and is ideal for seniors. Although this is not a therapeutics class, it may be appropriate for those recovering from illness or injury who want to restart their practices. Please inform the teacher of your condition prior to class.


The foundation for Iyengar Yoga is taught. This level includes standing poses, shoulder stand, other fundamental postures, and breath awareness.

This class is for beginners and those with no previous yoga experience.


This Level is a bridge between Beginner and Intermediate level classes. It includes continued study of the standing poses and fundamental postures with further refinement. Headstand and pranayama are introduced. Suitable for those with six months to one year of experience, who is preparing for intermediate work.


A more intense practice of poses from previous levels are taught and more challenging poses are introduced. Inversion variations will be strengthened at this level. Further development of Pranayama is expanded on in the class.


This level cultivates a deeper refinement of the practice and is for the student confident with inversions. Self-directed practice of Iyengar Yoga is expected. While help is offered, students are expected to know how to manage their limitations. Sophisticated pranayama introduced.

Neck & Shoulders

This specialty class, while not a therapeutics program, will focus on poses that will help keep the neck, shoulders and upper back supple, strong, and healthy. Students of all levels and experience are welcome.


This class involves less rigorous physical work while focusing on relaxation. The poses are held longer (with support, as needed) to allow the body to rest – offering recovery and a restored sense of tranquility. This is not a class for new students.

Teacher Development

This is a Level 1 class taught by teachers working towards certification in the Iyengar Method.  They have been trained by their mentor to teach and are working towards becoming a fully certified teacher.  Your teacher trainee will not be addressing major injuries with modifications.  Please come prepared for class with patience, 1 belt, 2 blocks, shoulder stand blankets, and a yoga chair.  Your participation in class will help them along their journey towards becoming a fully certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher – CIYT.  Class size will be limited to 12 students.

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