Yoga Therapeutics Specialty Course

Ongoing Yoga classes geared for the general public
to address general physical and health issues

new dates coming soon!

8 Consecutive Weeks for New Students $400 (8 sessions)
4 Consecutive Weeks for Continuing Students $160 (4 sessions)

Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles - Yoga for special needs

This ongoing course is for people with chronic or complex conditions who require special attention that cannot be addressed with common modifications in a general class. To be considered for admission to this course, first time students must have practiced Iyengar yoga and be willing to commit to eight consecutive weeks.

The first session for new students will start at 5:00 pm and include a 15-minute interview, from which Lisa or Marla will develop a tailored sequence specifically addressing the student’s needs. This specialty course has an ongoing rolling admission policy. Class size is limited to 18 students. Space permitting, only two new students will be allowed per week.

To register as a new student:

Fill out the Intake form online.

Once the form is received we will follow up to confirm dates of attendance. Pay for the course by phone or in person.

Enrollment is not confirmed until full payment for the course is made, by phone or in person.

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