Lori McIntosh

Lori McIntoshIntermediate Junior II


Lori studied Iyengar Yoga for many years with a variety of senior teachers nationwide and internationally. Seeking to further deepen her understanding, she enrolled in the Iyengar Yoga Association’s Teacher Training Program. Upon graduating, she found a calling to teach as well as continuing to learn.

A devoted student of Manouso Manos, Lori continues to take classes with him regularly. She has made numerous trips to India to study with the Iyengar family in Pune and follows Manouso around the US and internationally to attend his workshops and Intensive courses. Lori has taught all levels of Iyengar Yoga at the Institute, including Therapeutics, and served as the Institute’s Curriculum Coordinator for two years. She currently teaches Level 1/2 on Monday and Friday mornings. In addition, she leads a Guided Practice on Sunday mornings, inspired by sequences from books and classes with the Iyengar family as well Manouso, and also substitutes for Marla on Sundays and Mondays when Marla is traveling.