Carmen Fitzgibbon

Carmen FitzgibbonIntermediate Junior I

I have been practicing yoga since 1994 and discovered Iyengar Yoga in 2003. While other systems introduced me to yoga, Iyengar yoga helped me with old injuries and limitations and allowed my practice to flourish and grow! The Iyengar method offered a clear and effective path to move beyond work-related lower back injuries. Once I found this method, I became a dedicated Iyengar practitioner.

I have traveled to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family on two separate month-long sabaticals and I look forward to returning there soon. In the meantime I am very grateful for the amazing senior teachers here in Southern California with whom I am privileged to study. Currently I work primarily with Manouso Manos, Carolyn Belko, Jim Benvenuto and Garth McClean. Other teachers at the Institute who have strongly influenced my practice are Lisa Walford, Paul Cabanis, Marla Apt and Chris Stein.

My classes are straightforward and precise. It is my intention that my students learn more about their body and mind in each class they attend. I hope to guide them to discover that place within themselves where true learning unfolds. I’m a very helpful person and I enjoy helping people learn and grow. If you have questions, please catch me before or after class, or email me from my website,

Look forward to seeing you in class!