Restoratives with Lisa Walford

Lisa WalfordFriday, December 8

Sunday, December 10

Both sessions for $60 if purchased before Dec 7

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Dynamic health is the Internal Balance of the Sun and Moon

Hatha notoriously means the union of the Sun/Ha and Moon/tha; or, as Guruji said, “Yoga is the balance of polarities.”

What drives health? The integrate coordination of the breath, heart and nervous system support our entire physiology. Yoga asanas can stimulate and sooth specific organs and the peripheral nervous system. As Guruji says: “One must learn to calm these cells and cool them down when they overheat with anxious and distracting thoughts. Keeping the brain in a receptive state is the art that yoga teaches.” (Light on Life)

This workshop will introduce you to the physiology of the nervous system, how particular poses, sequences and props enhance the relaxation response, and why this is so important. We will explore variations for key postures so you can customize a sequence to practice regularly. We will practice!

Lisa Walford is an Intermediate Senior I teacher who has been teaching in the Los Angeles area and internationally for 30 years.